Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Whether an owner of a residential property, a hotel, office building or industrial premises, a retail outlet or a major data centre; the possibility of fire is a fearful threat.

Statistics show that 90% of businesses that suffer a major fire never recover and this is only where property damage is concerned, loss of life is immeasurable.

With the advent of the Fire Safety Act (2005) - (the Regulatory Reform Order), the responsibility of ensuring that the fire protection system has been installed to the correct standard, has been installed professionally, that the building has a proper Risk Assessment and Fire Safety Plan and is all maintained correctly, falls squarely on to the shoulders of the building owner/manager.

At the same time, due to the reductions in the Fire Brigade over recent years, system false activations are discouraged, to the extent that the Brigade will issue warning non-attendance notices to organisations with misbehaving fire detection and alarm systems.

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Fire Detection and Alarm Systems and Fire Suppression Systems are critical components in building Life Safety systems and Property Protection strategies.

Therefore, it is essential that, when considering a new building, or a new fit-out, that the Fire Detection and Alarm system and Fire Suppression System be engineered correctly, with a full understanding of the current regulations and standards, be installed by fully qualified specialists, programmed and set up by commissioning personnel who understand the system and the Clients requirements, so that the final product is stable and dependable.

Finally, unlike most other M&E systems installed in buildings, which get constant operation, a fire detection or fire suppression system, sits, unused, normally for years until that fateful day when it is called upon in anger, then it must perform without hesitation, this demands that the system is correctly and competently serviced and maintenance, by knowledgeable, competent engineers.

SolarFire Systems Ltd. are able to offer their Client’s a level of engineering, competence, understanding, experience and professionalism, which will ensure that the Client’s statutory and moral responsibilities are full met.

SolarFire Systems are a specialist Fire System integrator, with company principles, who between them have over forty years of experience in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of fire detection and fire suppression systems, we offer our Client’s the benefit that we will design a system which meets his specific requirements, using the most, technically appropriate equipment available in the industry, whether that be a specific flame detector, a specialist gaseous suppression agent or a computer graphics package, we are able to engineer the system to best suit the Client’s needs.

SolarFire Systems; have negotiated with their supply chain, the best prices, deliveries and deals for the systems they offer, so that they can provide best value, cost sensitive systems to suit their Client’s budget requirements.

So, whether you require a Fire Detection and Alarm system for an Office or Hotel, an Inert Gas Suppression System to protect a Critical Data Facility or a Water Mist system to protect the routes of escape in a care home, SolarFire Systems have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the system installed is compliant, quality, operational and cost-effective.