Fire Suppression Agents

Every possible fire situation has it’s own characteristics which demand individual consideration to ensure that the chosen suppression agent is engineered specifically to suit the risk, the Client’s operation, the building etc.

SolarFire Systems have negotiated access to all of the major suppression agents at the most competitive rates, thereby allowing us to offer our Clients the benefit of a complete variety of solutions to suit the risk, at cost-effective rates, rather than be restricted by the equipment available in a standard catalogue.

Inert Gas

Inert Gas installation

Due to it’s very green credentials and flexibility of installation, inert gas has largely become the agent of choice for many modern applications, although it uses more gas and therefore more cylinders than it’s competition, by using much higher storage pressures without deterioration of the agents abilities.

Inert gas comes in a number of different trade names and chemical names, such as; Argonite, Pro-inert, Inergen, Cerberex, IG 55, IG 541, IG 001 and IG 100. The principle operation of all of these alternatives are exactly the same, they reduce the oxygen level in the space so that the fire is suffocated.

Although Inert Gas prevents the fire from breathing it’s great advantage is that designed and installed correctly the system is completely safe for operating in occupied areas.

FM 200

FM 200 installation

With hundreds of thousands of systems installed in over 70 countries world-wide, FM-200 is the most widely used Halon replacement. Manufactured by DuPont, it provides rapid suppression with a short discharge time of typically 6 to 10 seconds. With a relatively small cylinder storage footprint, it is ideally suited to use in areas where space is at a premium or weight restrictions apply.

Novec 1230

Novec 1230 the next generation in fire suppression technology

Novec fire protection fluid is the next generation in fire suppression technology. It has exceptional environ-mental credentials with a zero ODP, a GWP of just one, and an atmospheric lifetime of only five days. It is stored as a fluid and discharged as a gas. It offers a safety margin of up to 100% - that's higher than any other clean agent. It reaches its extinguishing concentration in ten seconds or less, and does not leave any residue behind.

Water Mist

Water mist conventional sprinkler system

Water has long been used as the primary suppression agent in conventional sprinkler systems, but in recent years the benefit of the tiny droplet suppression agent has been recognised. These systems offer many of the benefits that Gaseous agents have, plus they do not require the attention to gas tightness that gaseous agents need. Used in the correct application water mist is a very useful addition to our fire fighting armoury.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide Systems

Carbon Dioxide systems were developed over eighty years ago and have been in common use since then, but due to the inherent dangers of using a toxic gas they have in recent years been eclipsed by the Clean Agents. However, Carbon Dioxide remains a very effective suppression medium when used in the correctly engineered applications.