Fire Protection for Building Facades

Management of Fire Safety in Buildings is essential if the risk of fire is to be kept within acceptable limits. More and more buildings are being built, and existing Buildings being modified and changed.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems within the building that can detect and suppress a fire have been widely used for many years.

The Building facade can also be protected with a water mist system utilising very small open water mist nozzles that can also act as a water curtain.

Building Fascade Suppression Systems www solarfiresystems com

Besides saving water, the building facade water mist fire suppression system is designed to blend into the building structure for aesthetic appearance.

The Water Mist deluge system is paired with a fast and reliable detection system which can locate the fire independent of wind and other such external influences. This detection system can be interfaced with the building fire detection & alarm system to provide fast notification of an incident.

SolarFire Systems can Design, Supply & Install the entire building fascade fire suppression system.

The Facade water mist system can be istalled into an existing building as a retrofit or can be installed on a new build project.

The appropriate times to retrofit fire safety systems include:


The Water Mist Facade System has been tested in accordance with the with DFL TM 70111-04, developed in accordance with the European Standard CEN/TS 14972, appendix B and tested in an ISO 17025 accredited fire test laboratory.

Where can Water Mist be installed?

Why Should you Choose Water Mist Fire Suppression?

Water mist systems are effective at fighting a wide variety of fires. This makes them an option for a large range of facilities. Many applications that choose to use water mist are looking for an alternative to traditional fire sprinkler systems or fire suppression systems.

Water mist systems can provide an advantage as they use significantly less water than traditional fire sprinklers causing less water damage and they are safe to use in occupied areas.

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Whether you need a new Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression System, Fire Alarm system or a Hypoxic Fire Prevention system installed at your commercial or residential property, SolarFire Systems has you covered with many types of automatic fire extinguishing systems. We are known for our excellent customer service, our expertise, and our reliability.

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