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Service and Maintenance is a critical element of the requirements of the Fire Safety Act (2005). It is an essential requirement that the ‘responsible person’ (the Client’s representative) should employ competent, approved organisations who in turn utilise trained and capable fire systems engineers.

At SolarFire Systems, our service and maintenance personnel are recognised as being among the best fire alarm and suppression personnel in the industry in this country, they are available to look after our Client’s life safety and property protection systems.

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SolarFire Systems are so confident in the design, the quality products, the installation and the commissioning aspects of their works they are pleased to offer their Clients a Free Silver Medal service contract for the first operational year from the date of the completion certificate. This ensures that the Client has nothing to concern himself about during that first year when he has just had a new FD&A or a Fire Suppression System installed.

All of the service agreements offered by SolarFire Systems are fully compliant with the recommendations of:-

  • BS: 5839: Part 1: Latest Edition: Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Buildings.
  • BS: 6266: Latest Edition: Fire Protection for Electronic Equipment Areas.
  • BS EN 15004: Latest Edition: Fire Extinguishing Systems - Physical Properties and System Design of Gas Extinguishing Systems
  • BS 7273: Part 1 Electrical Actuation of Gaseous Total Flooding Extinguishing Systems.

SolarFire offer three levels of service and maintenance:-

Silver Medal Standard

Silver Medal
Minimum two visits per annum, BS 5839/BS EN 15004 compliant service agreement

Gold Medal Standard

Gold Medal
Minimum four visits per annum, BS 5839/BS EN 15004 compliant service agreement

Platinum Medal Standard

Platinum Medal
Fully comprehensive, fully compliant service agreement including RIT, where required

We don’t offer a bronze medal level, we leave that to other companies, if the Client does not want a top quality service and maintenance which will protect his statutory obligations then he is speaking to the wrong company!

When taking over systems that were installed by other contractors, we will produce a dilapidations report for our Client in order to establish, exactly the condition of the system.

After each service a report will be handed to the Clients representative on site and a further copy will be issued with the invoice.