SolarFire Systems offer three levels of service and maintenance

SolarFire are so confident in the design, the quality products, the installation and the commissioning aspects of their works they are pleased to offer their Clients a Free Silver medal service contract for the first operational year.

This offer will apply to new systems where SolarFire Systems have been responsible for the complete turnkey package; design, installation and commissioning.

Our offer will commence from the date of the issue of the completion certificate, irrespective of the practical completion date for the building.

In the case where systems are larger, more complicated and warrant our Gold Medal standard, or are called for by the Fire Risk Assessment, our offer will still stand and the Client will only be charged for the difference between the two levels of service.

Silver Medal Standard

Silver Medal Standard

BS 5839 now allows fire alarms to be serviced only twice per annum, this is often adequate on smaller systems and where the Fire Risk Assessment deems appropriate, clearly this offers a financial benefit to the Client.

We consider this to be the minimum, starting point for the service and on larger more complex systems we would advise the Client to consult with his fire risk assessor before accepting the minimum level of protection.

Silver Medal services are carried out completely in accordance with the requirements of the associated British Standards

Gold Medal Standard

Gold Medal Standard

As systems become larger, more complex, or the protected equipment justifies, then more regular attendance is often called for, this can be increased to four time per annum or in very large situations where disruption to staff/the public is a concern then the visits may be carried out even more regularly.

As in all of our service packages we offer an agreement to look after your system fully in accordance with the requirements of BS 5839 and BS EN 15004.

Not included in this package is the cost of components or call outs

Platinum Medal Standard

Platinum Medal Standard

Often Clients need to determine exactly how much a system is going to cost in a year, unfortunately, call outs and parts are excluded from our Gold Medal Service package. The Platinum Medal Service takes away this guesswork and provides the Client with a complete, known cost for the year, no call out charges, no additional parts charges, no extras.

Our offer includes the installation of a spares box on site, the contents of which will remain the possession of SolarFire Systems, but should a new part be required whilst the engineer is on site, he will have ready access to the necessary equipment. The engineer will then organise replenishment at the next visit.

Our Clients have complete peace of mind and can budget their costs accurately.

Our offer excludes the costs associated with the replenishment of gaseous suppression systems for either actual or false alarm incidents.

24/7 Call outs

SolarFire Systems are pleased to offer their Clients the benefit of a 24/7 call out facility. Our trained emergency response personnel are available to take your calls at all times and we will respond normally within one hour of receipt, with trained personnel ready to offer the Clients representative knowledgeable advice to help and rectify the situation

Should the telephone assistance not be adequate, then our engineers will gladly attend site in order to rectify the fault, if they do not have on board the necessary equipment the fault will be dealt with at the time otherwise there may need to be a return to site to finalise the repair.

Room Integrity Testing

Data areas habitually go through periods of change, those changes often involve the installation of new communications or power upgrade cabling, this invariably means that, at some stage, one trade or another installs new cable routes through the perimeter wall of the gas protected environment. But, has the installer correctly resealed the aperture after the work was done?

When the original installation is completed we issue a certificate and report on the gas retention performance of the enclosure, but one or two years on, has that retention been breached by other trades.

Room Integrity Testing is the modern, non-intrusive way to certificate our Client’s room to regularly ensure that the enclosure performs as it should on the fateful day when the system is called for in anger.

SolarFire Systems use the world renowned Retrotech room testing equipment, this utilises a carefully calibrated fan, which is temporarily installed into one of the entrance doors to the room.

By creating an negative and then positive pressure in the room and measuring how much the fan has to work to maintain a specific pressure, the system can model the amount of leakage, this information is fed into the computer along with the physical properties of the protecting agent and an accurate, predicted retention time is provided.

Typically the expected retention period would need to be 10 minutes in line with the recommendations of the British Standards.