Advantages of Water Mist Fire Protection

The advantages of water mist include:

What is water mist?

A water mist system is a fixed fire protection system that discharges a fine spray of small water droplets. Water mist systems propel water through a specially designed nozzle, breaking the water up into hundreds of micro droplets which produce the mist.

In the event of a fire, the water droplets will the remove heat and displace oxygen from the affected area, resulting in the fire being extinguished. The mist lowers the temperature, lessens the radiated heat and reduces the oxygen concentration to the extent that combustion can no longer be maintained.

Types of Water Mist Systems

There are two main types of water mist systems -

Pump and Tank Arrangment

The water is stored in a tank and is pumped to a network of heads which can either be open or closed.

Water Mist Sytem

Cylinder Arrangment

The Water and propellant are stored in cylinders.

Water Mist Sytem cylinder

Sprinkler Systems Vs Water Mist Systems

So what are the differences between sprinkler systems and water mist suppression systems?

Due to the large volumes of water required with sprinklers then a large tank or even pumphouse as is required whereas small cylinders or small standalone tanks can be used for water mist.

Current Standards

The current British Standards are:.

These documents define the testing protocols for water mist systems in various different applications.

Where can Water Mist be installed?

Why Should you Choose Water Mist Fire Suppression?

Water mist systems are effective at fighting a wide variety of fires. This makes them an option for a large range of facilities. Many applications that choose to use water mist are looking for an alternative to traditional fire sprinkler systems or fire suppression systems.

Water mist systems can provide an advantage as they use significantly less water than traditional fire sprinklers causing less water damage and they are safe to use in occupied areas.

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