Gas Suppression

Gas Suppression

Novec Discharge

SolarFire Systems provide a comprehensive range of Fire Suppression Systems that are compliant with the British Standard BS EN 15004 fixed firefighting systems.

Gas Suppression or gas extinguishing technology has been around for many years. It was pioneered by Walter Kidde who patented the first CO2 fire suppression system for ships in 1917.

Gas suppression Systems or clean agent System as it’s also known as is broken down into two distinct types that work differently on the fire. Synthetic gas (chemical gas) and inert gas.

Synthetic gases commonly used are Novec™ 1230 & FM-200 (HFC 227-EA).


  • Data Centres
  • Comms Rooms
  • Switch Rooms
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Paint Spray Rooms
  • LV / HV Rooms

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