Water Mist Systems

Low Pressure

Water Mist

Low pressure systems use a water pressure of up to 12bar. Low pressure water mist systems are less aggressive than a traditional sprinkler system.

An advantage of a Low-Pressure water mist fire suppression system is that the lower volumes of water required, in comparison to fire sprinkler systems. This means that pipework diameters and storage capacities decrease accordingly. Discreet concealed nozzles can be installed and in many cases be colour matched to ensure the aesthetics of the building are not affected.


  • Data Centres
  • Hotels
  • Local Application Risks
  • Heritage Buildings
  • Building Facades
  • Car Parks
  • Water & Recycling Facilities
  • Cable Trays
  • Engine Test Cells
  • Generators
  • Escalators
  • Offices
  • Student Accommodation
  • High-End Residential


  • Reduction in water storage requirements
  • Smaller diameter pipework
  • Aids installation
  • reduces co-ordination issues
  • Pump power requirements are less
  • Reduced water damage when activated
  • Smoke scrubbing
  • Greater cooling capacity
  • Easier to retro-fit installations

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