Fire Alarms


Fire Alarms

SolarFire Systems provide a comprehensive range of fire detection and alarm systems including Intelligent analogue addressable fire alarm systems that are fully compliant with the British standard BS5839 for fire alarm systems.

Analogue-addressable fire alarm systems give precise information on the fire event via the display on the front of the fire alarm panel or on a PC or Mobile phone via specialist software.

Addressable or “intelligent” fire alarm systems are designed for large commercial premises and more complex networked systems, since they are much more expensive and more complicated than conventional fire alarm systems having increased flexibility, intelligence, speed of identification, and scope of control.

The fire control panel receives information and status reports from each device and indicates its exact location if there is a fire, fault, smoke, heat, or contamination.

Fire Alarm Software
Fire Alarm

In addressable systems, different types of initiating devices are wired in one or more single loops around the premises, requiring less cabling than conventional systems, with each detector or call point having its own unique address.

Modern control panels now feature full colour touchscreen technology allowing at a glance system status and quick and clear navigation of the system.

Multiple panels, buildings and sites can be monitored via dedicated graphics.

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  • Commercial
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  • Heritage
  • Residential Care
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurants
  • Aviation
  • Critical Infrastructure
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