Fire Suppression

Condensed Aerosol


If you are looking for a highly effective, innovative and environmentally friendly fire suppression and extinguishing system for almost all thinkable applications like generator rooms, control rooms, sub stations and inside construction vehicles, electric busses and wind turbines that requires no distribution pipework or discharge nozzles then Condensed Aerosol Systems could be the answer.

The Condensed Aerosol System suppression technology is based on the chemical reaction of solid energetic materials that generate, via the combustion process large amounts of a highly efficient, cost effective, micro particles of powdered aerosol that acts chemically and physically on the fire to extinguish within seconds.

Why use condensed aerosol systems? There are a number of advantages to condensed aerosol systems such as:

Ecologically safe and environmentally friendly (O.D.P.=0, G.W.P.=0), extremely effective suppression agent – 100gr/m3, short installation time, no significant pressure build up, very cost effective, non pressurized containers, no piping or nozzles required, Non toxic, Low maintenance.

Regardless of the size of the risk, whether it be large or small, there is a condensed aerosol solution for you.



  • Generators
  • Electrical Rooms
  • LV / HV Rooms
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Modular Buildings
  • Energy Storage System
  • UPS Room
  • Battery Storage Room


  • Commercial
  • Data Centres
  • Heritage
  • Residential Care
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Industrial
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Restaurants
  • Aviation
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Hospitality

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