Gas Suppression

Room Integrity Testing

Room Integrity Testing

An Integrity test predicts how long fire suppressant agents take to descend to a given level in the room without having to discharge the actual suppression system agent into the protected space.

The system is setup in the doorway. The protected area is then pressurised and the fan flow readings are taken, then to check those measurements the room is depressurised to take measurements to compare.

The predicted retention time is calculated from the leakage characteristics and the enclosure and extinguishing system data. A retention time of 10 minutes is the normal minimum period the suppressant agents except C02 total flood systams that requires a 20min retention Time.

Ten minutes is long enough for most deep-seated fires to be cooled so that re-ignition is unlikely.

Gaseous fire suppression systems should provide adequate time for the emergency services to attend and in most cases prevent the fire taking hold.

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