Bin Store Fire Protection (Solution)

Why is fire protection needed in communal bin storage rooms?

In many high-rise and other multi-occupancy buildings, the bin storage area is the single largest source of hazardous combustible materials in the entire building. Due to the mixture of flammable products and the high risk of ignition, these areas are classified as high risk.


Due to the high-risk nature of bin store fires due to the combustible material and the risk of fire from arson a fire detection and suppression systems is recomended to protect the bin storage area.


The SolarFire Systems FirePro Condensed Aerosol system is an ideal soltion for Bin Store Fire Protection.

The modularity and compactness of the FirePro fire extinguishing system allows protection for a varied selection of bin storage areas regardless of size and shape.

For example, a bin storage area 13m2 by 2.3m high you would need 1 FP-3000 FirePro unit to protect the entire bin store.

Condensed Aerosol units are sized for volume protection and are extremely compact units, they are intensely efficient and are cost effective to install and maintain.

Systems approvals include FM, UL & LPCB


Fire Protection Systems from SolarFire Systems

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