Changes to Fire Safety Regulations from 23rd January 2023

From the 23rd January 2023, the Regulations require responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings to provide information on their building to the local fire and rescue service.

The regulations  will make it a requirement for responsible persons of high-rise residential buildings to provide information on their building/s to their local fire and rescue service. A high-rise residential building is defined as a building containing two or more sets of domestic premises and is at least 18 metres tall or has at least seven storeys.

The Regulations 2022 have been introduced as an important step towards implementing the recommendations of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry Phase 1 report.

This information includes:

• Risk assessments prioritisation tool.

• Information to residents on fire safety instructions.

• Information to residents on fire doors.

Buildings that are 11 to 17.9 metres and 18 metres or 7 floors and above in height are also required to provide more information.

There is further information on Fire Reform and improving Fire Safety at the Fire England website.

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