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Our Fire Suppression & Detection experts have been working in the Data Centre sector for years and come from backgrounds with technical experience in industry and Critical Infrastructure Buildings.

Fire Suppression Projects can be challenging and may require dedicated personnel with the right level of experience and seniority to manage complexity in a quick, reliable and cost-efficient way.

We work with architects and M&E consultants, and your own site contractors. We are brand agnostic, so that we can take a consultative approach to finding the right solution for your fire suppression or detection needs, whether the project is for a new server room, modular high efficiency Data Centre or Comms Room.

With its teams of highly skilled design engineers, SolarFire Systems offers its expertise to provide a range of consultancy services to support customers to achieve their project objective.
Site audit, analysis, design and implementation for reliable, safe and effective Fire Protection… anytime and anywhere.

For our engineers, it all comes down to the performance specification required in term of resilience and sustainability – as well as budget and timescales. We base our fire protection design service on best industry practice and well over the 50 years’ experience we have within this industry and the specific specialist areas of data processing facilities.

Clients & Consultants can engage with SolarFire Systems at any stage of the development and running of their Data Centre or Critical environments:

Training & Education

We offer a range of technical seminars and CPD presentations covering topics from Fire Suppression technologies to guides on the British Standards.

About SolarFire Systems

We are known for our excellent customer service, our expertise, and our reliability.

For more information on how we can help you email [email protected] or give us a call at 01628 902107.

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