Data Centre Fire Suppression System Upgrade

SolarFire Systems provide the design, installation and servicing of a full range of gaseous fire suppression systems, so when it's time to upgrade or modify your existing Argonite / Inergen or Nitrogen / Argon Gaseous system we are here to help you make the changes as easy as possible.

With our comprehensive range of gaseous fire suppression systems SolarFire Systems can provide an independent solution within your project budget.

We have successfully modified systems throughout the UK from London in the South through to projects in Scotland. We have also delivered and maintain Data Centres throughout Europe.

Whether you are increasing the footprint of your comms room or Server Room, or you may be adding a data hall to your existing data centre. SolarFire Systems are equipped to carry out the design, modification and installation of your fire detection / alarm system and gas suppression systems.

Talk to us:

Our Customer Care Team is available today on 01628 902107 for an immediate response. You can also email [email protected] for a prompt reply.

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