ekho Wireless Fire Alarm System

The Kentec Ekho’s wireless fire alarm system is a highly sophisticated, reliable wireless fire detection and alarm system.

How the system works

Ekho’s wireless expander modules are used to extend the radio mesh network, increasing the reach and capacity of the overall system.

It works by creating a self-healing mesh network, which constantly relays field device signals back to the translator module. Each wireless device determines which expander has the strongest signal path and automatically connects to it.

The expander mesh network, therefore, guarantees an ‘always on’ connection between the wireless devices and the translator / fire alarm control panel.

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Ekho detectors are supplied in three variants: optical smoke; heat; and multi-sensor which are combined smoke and heat detectors, with the smoke and combined detectors featuring adaptive signal processing and double dust traps to prevent false alarms.

Heat detectors can respond to a fixed temperature threshold or detect a rate of rise in temperature.

Wireless sounders, call points and input / output modules are also available within the range.

Ekho range 800x625

A wireless translator module, which sits at the centre of the system, is hard-wired to the fire alarm control panel loop and communicates continuously with the wireless devices.

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Benefits of a Wireless Fire Alarm System

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