Electrical Panel Fire Suppression Systems (Solution)

Electrical cabinet fires can be devastating to a business. LV/HV Electrical Switch Rooms are critical to business, overheating wires or components, sparks and component fatigue can all cause devastating fires in electrical enclosures. With an electrical panel fire suppression system from SolarFire Systems you can protect your business and your valuable equipment by extinguishing fires within seconds.

How to extinguish an Electrical Cabinet Fire

Electrical Cabinet fires within Power Distribution Rooms can be extinguished by either a local application of the fire suppression system agent within the cabinet or by flooding the Switch Room with an extinguishing system.

An Automatic fire detection and alarm system is fitted into the Electrical Switchgear room complimented with the environmentally friendly FirePro condensed aerosol suppression system.

Firepro systems do not take up valuable floor space and can be installed within the ceiling void of the Electrical Switch Room.

Electrical Cabinet Room 3 D 5 Electrical Cabinet Room 3 D 6



Fire Protection Systems from SolarFire Systems

Whether you need a new VESDA HSSD system, water mist fire suppression system or a water leak detection system installed at your commercial property, SolarFire Systems has you covered. We are known for our excellent customer service, our expertise, and our reliability. For more information on how we can help your business visit our website www.solarfiresystems.com or give us a call at 01628 902107.

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