Fire Extinguishing System Monitoring

Connected Fire Cylinder Monitoring measures the pressure and temperature of FM-200 / Novec 1230 and Inert gas system cylinders, sending data wirelessly to the cloud. The Cylinder data is analysed if errors are detected then the system notifies you giving information to allow you to take action.

Connected Fire Container Monitoring is fully addressable. It will give specific data for each container in the system, rather than simply providing a low pressure alarm. This helps limit low pressure false alarms which may be due to changes in temperature as opposed to an actual loss in pressure.

Conventional cylinder pressure switches often simply use a common fault indication on the system control panel.

By connecting pressure and temperature, low pressure conditions that could be due simply to low temperature are normalised, avoiding fault conditions being recorded and the need for unnecessary intervention.

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Microleak detection allows notification before system integrity is compromised and allows for scheduled intervention, minimising cost of repair and system down time.

Fire suppression system extinguishing monitoring3 www solarfiresystems com

Connectivity of a remote monitoring device is a helpful technology, giving steady and reliable monitoring of data. This will result in a significant enhancement in the systems overall performance/reduction of man-hours, while achieving the optimum response time and corrective action that may be needed. Thanks to the significant real-time reporting, the corrective actions can be taken immediately, which is great for those facilities and systems not easily accessible.

How it Works

The Connected Fire Cylinder Monitoring device collects data from each fire suppression cylinder at set time intervals chosen during configuration. It can connect to a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet, sharing information in real time on an online dashboard.

It can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night, allowing for speedy intervention in the case of a low-pressure fire suppression cylinder (that is not temperature related) before it compromises the fire suppression system. It is powered by a battery that has constant health monitoring displayed on the dashboard.

Backwards Compatibility

Backward compatible for field retrofits on most existing systems. Contact us to confirm your system compatibility.

Key Features


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