Fire Protection for CHP Combined Heat & Power Systems

CHP is a technology that produces electricity and thermal energy at high efficiencies using a range of technologies and fuels.

With on-site power production, losses are minimised and heat that would otherwise be wasted is applied to facility loads in the form of process heating, steam, hot water, or even chilled water.

CHP can be found at an individual facility or building, or it can be a district energy, microgrid, and/or utility resource that supplies power and thermal energy to multiple end-users.

CHP equipment can provide resilient power 24/7 in case of grid outages, and it can be paired with other distributed energy technologies like solar photovoltaics (PV) and energy storage.

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Water Mist

Low Pressure Water Mist & High Pressure Water Mist fire protection systems can protect a single generator or a number generator enclosures. It is also suitable for the protection of Steam Turbines.

Cylinder based or tank / pump based systems offer a cost efficient option for all power plant types.

Systems are installed in accordance with BS 8489-1:2016 Fixed fire protection systems. Industrial and commercial watermist systems - Code of practice for design and installation.

Systems approvals include FM, UL, IMO & VDS.

Fire Pro Protection for Diesel Generators www solarfiresystems

Condensed Aerosol

Condensed Aerosol systems offer a cost effective solution for protecting CHP generator enclosures.

The Condensed Aerosol Fire System suppression technology is based on the chemical reaction of solid energetic materials that generate, via the combustion process large amounts of a highly efficient, cost effective, micro particles of powdered aerosol that acts chemically and physically on the fire to extinguish within seconds.

Condensed Aerosol units are sized for volume protection and are extremely compact, intensely efficient and cost effective to install.


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