Fire Suppression For Conveyor Belt Systems

Conveyor Systems in general have a fire risk due to external events and equipment failure. However the flammable nature of products including the ability of some types to self exceptional hazard requiring special consideration.

In the conveyor structure any product which falls from the moving belt, or an accumulation of

settled product dust, is a potential hazard.

A mechanical fault in the bearing of a roller, or the friction between a seized roller and the

belt, will result in a build up of heat which can be sufficient to ignite the belt, when the belt


The introduction of products can make a fire highly probable.

The Solution

A fine water spray deluge system designed and installed by SolarFire Systems can protect many different types of conveyor belt systems.

A moduar conveyor belt water mist system reduces the time required to design and install the system and it makes it easier to retrofit the system into existing locations.

Low pressure fine water spray nozzles provide optimum coverage of conveyors up to 3 meters wide.

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