Fire Suppression Systems for Household Energy Storage Systems (HESS)

The use of Lithium-ion batteries is expanding rapidly in residential homes.

This innovative technology poses specific potential threats represented by the battery’s thermal “runaway” because of battery mismanagement / battery abuse and /or defects in battery manufacturing.

The battery runaway may result in serious fires and explosions that may lead to a catastrophe if the accident is not contained/controlled, and the consequent fire is allowed to spread.

Household Energy Storage Systems (HESS) are installed in various locations such as in the loft space or garage.

Some technologies are promoted as safer, but experience demonstrated that all the Lithium-ion batteries show the same behaviour/sensitivity versus the adverse effects or battery mismanagement that may lead to a runaway.

The SolarFire Systems HESS Fire Suppression System can quickly suppress a HESS battery fire and alert you if the HESS system is not easily accessible.


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