Hydrogen Gas Detection for Battery Rooms and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems

Battery rooms are provided for backup and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for process control functions. They are usually near the facility control room or electrical switchgear rooms.

Lead-acid batteries produce hydrogen and oxygen gas when they are being charged. These gasses are produced by the electrolysis of water from the aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. A Vented Lead-Acid (VLA) battery cell, sometimes referred to as a “flooded” or “wet” cell, is open to the atmosphere through a flame-arresting vent, and during charging, the hydrogen and oxygen is allowed to escape through this vent.

With a Valve Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) cell, the recombination design causes the oxygen and hydrogen to recombine within the cell. However, if the cell is overcharged, operated at an elevated temperature, or under certain fault conditions, the cell’s pressure relief valve will open, and oxygen and hydrogen will be released.

Hydrogen is a highly flammable gas. The lower explosive level (LEL) for Hydrogen as 4% by volume. If sufficient hydrogen collects in a room, it can potentially explode if ignited.

How does a hydrogen detector work?

When hydrogen gas is sampled by the detector, hydrogen molecules attach to oxygen (oxidation reaction) and oxygen attached to tin oxide decreases. Since the amount of oxygen on the sensor surface decreases, the electric resistance value decreases and electricity starts to flow easily and is confirmed by the microprossor.

Hydrogen Gas Detection for Battery Rooms

As the lead acid batteries will create small amounts of hydrogen as a by-product of its charging cycle; it is key to monitor the area using hydrogen gas detection.

SolarFire Systems can design, install and maintain a Hydrogen Gas Detection for your Battery Rooms. We can also install an ATEX compliant system for larger battery rooms if needed.

Applications for Hydrogen Gas Detection

Battery Rooms

Hydrogen fuel cell systems

Refueling Points

SolarFire Systems are experts in all types of flammble & toxic gas detection and alarm systems, and can design and install systems suitable for your business.

For more information please contact our friendly team on 01628 902107 or email [email protected]

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