Kidde Fire Protection Introduces 180L Novec 1230 Cylinder

Kidde Fire Protection the global leader in clean agent fire protection systems today introduced a new 180L Novec 1230 fire suppression cylinder to it's current line up of synthic gas extinguishing systems.

What is 3MTM NovecTM 1230?

3MTM NovecTM 1230 fire protection fluid is the next generation in fire suppression technology. It has exceptional environmental credentials with a zero ODP, a GWP of just one, and an atmospheric lifetime of only five days. It is stored as a fluid and discharged as a gas. It offers a safety margin of up to 100% - that's higher than any other clean agent. It reaches its extinguishing concentration in ten seconds or less and does not leave any residue behind.

How does 3MTM NovecTM 1230 put out a fire?

3MTM NovecTM 1230 fluid extinguishes a fire before it starts by rapidly removing heat. In a typical total flooding system, the fluid is stored as a liquid in cylinders pressurised with nitrogen. Automatic detection sensors trigger release when the fire is at the incipient stage, extinguishing it in mere seconds.

3MTM NovecTM 1230 fluid evaporates 50 times faster than water. In fact, you could soak a paperback book in a bath of 3M Novec 1230 fluid and within a minute, pick it up and read where you left off.

The new 180L cylinder is also available to use on the Kidde ADS System (our blog here goes into greater detail).

The innovative advanced delivery clean agent fire suppression system was developed to provide fire protection for larger enclosures requiring longer agent flow distances.

With the patented-technology of “piston flow”, the ADS system is capable of delivering greater mass flow rates (2.5 to 3 times faster) than a standard clean agent fire suppression system. This innovation allows networking of longer pipe runs in complex configurations with smaller pipe sizes for protection of larger hazard areas.

The new 180L cylinder is ideal for protecting Server Room, Comms Rooms and other hazards up to 230m3.

What are the benefits of using 3MTM NovecTM 1230?


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