Product Spotlight - FirePro FP-100S

The FirePro cylindrical generators are ideal for small/medium applications, such as electrical panels, raised floors, suspended ceilings, generators, boats etc.

FirePro systems use the latest generation of our patented FPC solid compound that is the pinnacle of many years of research and development.

When activated the FPC solid compound is transformed into a rapidly expanding extremely effective and efficient fire extinguishing condensed aerosol.

The aerosol is propagated and evenly distributed in the enclosure under protection using the momentum generated during the transformation process. Unlike gaseous agents, the total flooding effect is achieved without increasing the pressure in the protected area/volume. Fire extinguishing is accomplished by the interruption of the chemical chain reactions occurring in the flame and not by the depletion of oxygen and/or cooling as suggested by the traditional triangle of fire.

Green Chemistry Fire Pro Green Chemistry Fire Pro 2

Key Features

SolarFire Systems are a trained certified FireProDistributor.

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