Transformer and Substation Fire Suppression

Electrical substations and power transformers play a vital role in the electrical grid and the distribution of power. Both commercial and industrial processes are highly dependent on electrical power, and a fire in a substation can be catastrophic and have severe consequences for the power grid.

The SolarFire Systems water mist fire suppression system offers superior performance in cooling down and suppressing the high heat release rate of flammable liquid fires, such as transformer fires. Reliable operation and instant activation are critical to safeguard the surrounding equipment and property. In addition, water mist is a safe technology for both people and the environment.

The SolarFire Systems watermist solutions offers fast and reliable fire protection for electrical substations and power transformers. The system is designed to provide protection against the different fire risks in substations and different transformers.

SolarFire Systems are experts in transformer fire suppression systems, and can design and install systems suitable for your business.

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