Vesda-E — The next generation of VESDA aspirating smoke detectors

Since pioneering Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) technology nearly 30 years ago, VESDA has been recognised as the best in the world, protecting personnel, irreplaceable assets and mission critical and data centre infrastructure in the world’s most iconic locations.

VESDA-E is the next-generation of VESDA, featuring multiple innovative capabilities that dramatically improve the VESDA experience:

How it works

Air is continually drawn from the protected area through the air sampling pipe network and into the detector by a high efficiency aspirator. The air sampling pipe network can contain up to four pipes. The air from each sampling pipe passes through an airflow sensor and then a sample of the air is drawn into the smoke detection chamber via the sampling module, after first passing through the filter.

An additional filter provides clean air to protect the optical surfaces inside the detection chamber from contamination.

The FlairTM detection chamber uses the equivalent of 330,000 sensors and sophisticated algorithms for smoke detection and particle classification. If the detected smoke is higher than the set alarm thresholds it is reported as an Alert, Action, Fire1 or Fire2 alarm condition. Air is exhausted from the detector and may be vented back into the protected zone.

Alarms can be signaled via Relays and VESDAnet. Ethernet and WiFi can be used for configuration and secondary monitoring, and a USB interface is provided for initial setup. A series of LEDs display Alarm, Trouble, Disable and detector power on status. A button allows the user to Reset or Disable the detector. In addition, an optional 3.5” LCD displays shows the detector status, including smoke level and a smoke level bar graph, alarm thresholds, trouble status, % airflow level, normalisation status and filter life used.

Applications for VESDA HSSD Systems

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