VESDA HSSD for Small Server Rooms

In small Server Rooms or Comms Rooms is possible to use a single VESDA HSSD detector to cover up to three different sections of the room; ceiling, below raised floor or within ceiling void, plus return air grille.

Why Use VESDA HSSD Smoke Detection?

Fire events in Comms Rooms or Server Rooms must be detected as early as possible to avoid asset damage leading to business disruption and to ensure personnel safety.

Contrary to VESDA the use of conventional point (spot) type smoke and heat detectors has severe limitations due to the following:

High airflow conditions will dilute and disperse the smoke affecting the performance of point (spot) type smoke detectors that provide only localized detection. The action of AHU will scrub smoke (fan blades, filters) with each air change further increasing dilution of smoke in the room.

The cooling effects of AHU will decrease the temperature of smoke, affecting the performance of heat detectors.

Point type detectors have limitations on their placement due to obstructions, velocity, and temperature.

Point (spot) type detectors are passive and their performance may be restricted by the velocity and/or temperature rise of the smoke near the detection chamber.

Airborne debris can enter the detection chamber and cause chamber contamination. Such contamination cannot be reliably monitored, severely reduces detector longevity, increases maintenance and replacement costs, and compromises operational safety.

Maintenance might be difficult especially for inaccessible areas or in areas where human activity has a high risk of interfering with normal equipment operation.

The VESDA air sampling system has Factory Mutual (FM) approval as well as LPCB approval as a suppression release initiation device. These approvals and the very early warning smoke detection capability of the VESDA system ensures fire risks are minimise in Server Rooms as well as overcoming the above detection and maintenance challenges in the following ways:

VESDA HSSD detectors have fixed calibration and provide absolute smoke detection.

A VESDA HSSD system can monitor all fire stages from incipient to fully developed, providing multiple alarms for staged response.

The VESDA HSSD system can detect fires at their incipient stage, allowing early intervention for investigation and action, before smoke and corrosive gases affect equipment and personnel.

Early intervention potentially eliminates the need to release gas suppressen or water mist.

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