VID Fire-Kill receives FM Approval on Their Model SAS Standalone Low Pressure Watermist System

VID FireKill have announced that they have been awarded FM Approval on their Model SAS Low Pressure Watermist Standalone system and Model B1 and BM-1 nozzles for machinery spaces not exceeding 260 m3.

The Low Pressure Watermist Standalone SAS system has been developed for total flooding fire protection of small enclosures or local application objects with no or limited water or power supply.

The Model SAS system operates at a pressure between 2 – 16 bar and consists of water cylinders and a small nitrogen cylinder that are interconnected by flexible stainless-steel hoses.

The unique B1 and BM-1 nozzles have been developed for fire protection of different industrial applications, high hazard machinery spaces and bilge areas.

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