Water Mist Fire Protection For Schools & Colleges

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The National Fire Chiefs Council (NFCC) has proposed that all schools undergoing refurbishment/extension are fitted with an appropriate automatic fire suppression system, with the latter being mandatory in all new build schools (the NFCC’s response to the consultation on BB100 Design for Fire Safety in schools is available online).


The Water Mist Solution

Water mist systems control fire by reducing heat, displacing oxygen and controlling the fuel source by wetting and cooling the surrounding fuel surfaces.

The key to water mist technology lies in the design of the nozzle along with established pressure criteria to create a mist of small water droplets.

Water mist systems will have droplet sizes where 99% of the volumetric diameter is less than 1mm. Smaller droplets absorb heat at a faster rate than larger droplets due to the higher surface area-to-mass ratio.

A volume of water that consists of smaller droplets has a comparatively larger cumulative surface area than the same volume of water made up of larger droplets – such as those from a standard spray sprinkler. As a result, a rapid absorption of heat and evaporation of the smallest droplets will occur, causing temperatures to decrease while oxygen is displaced.

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The British Standard

BS 8489 Part 1 sets out the design criteria for a water mist system and BS 8489 Part 7 covers Industrial and commercial watermist systems. Tests and requirements for watermist systems for the protection of low hazard occupancies

The Cost Benefits of Fitting an Automatic Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

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