Cable Tunnel Fire Protection

A cable tunnel fire, no matter how small, can cause extensive disruption and damage not only to the building structures, but also to critical community interests such as power and communication cables, and lead to subsequent substantial loss.

By installing suitable fire detection systems and a watermist system, the outbreak of the fire can be quickly detected & suppressed, controlled, and in most cases, extinguished before property or equipment is damaged.


Typically, cable tunnels, risers and flats use multi-level cable trays / ladder racking for cable containment.

Linear Heat Detection Cable cab be economically installed to monitor above each level to provide rapid detection of overheating cables caused by electrical malfunctions or external conditions.

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Linear Heat Detection Cable systems are available with zonal monitors providing distance location or monitored operating signals for water mist zonal valves.

Each zone will require a length of Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) and a zone monitor. The length of LHDC in any zone may be determined by the physical constraints or by reference to “Characteristics” of LHDC systems, this typically is up to 500 metres.

The zone monitor may be located in or adjacent to the zone and this as well as the water mist actuation signal provides repeat signals to a control area. Alternatively, a multi-zone panel can be installed in a central location connected via suitable interposing cables to the LHDC and extinguishing control circuits.


It is known that a Fixed Fire Fighting System can significantly improve the protection or safety by either extinguishing the fire or reducing the fire heat release rate (HRR) in a cable tunnel fire.

Water Mist

A water mist system is a fixed fire protection system that discharges a fine spray of small water droplets. Water mist systems propel water through a specially designed nozzle, breaking the water up into hundreds of micro droplets which produce the mist.

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In the event of a fire, the water droplets will the remove heat and displace oxygen from the affected area, resulting in the fire being extinguished. The mist lowers the temperature, lessens the radiated heat and reduces the oxygen concentration to the extent that combustion can no longer be maintained.

Benefits of installing a Watermist firefighting system

• Increased level of safety
• Protection of the tunnel structure
• Protection of highly critical infrastructure
• Low life cycle costs
• Quicker and easier access for fire brigade
• Quick re-opening after a fire

Fire Protection Systems from SolarFire Systems

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