What are fire suppression systems?

Gas Suppression Systems


Gas Extinguishing Systems extinguish and suppress fires in three ways.

There are many benefits to using a clean agent fire suppression systems. These systems are fast, effective, safe, clean, and eco-friendly.

The clean agent systems are three dimensional meaning the gas will permeate open enclosures such as server cabinets.

Typical gasses used are FM-200, Novec 1230, Argonite, Inergen and CO2.


Water Mist Systems

Water Mist www solarfiresystems com

Water Mist Fire supprerssion systems work by spraying a fine (fog / mist) over the fire through either low pressure or high pressure nozzles.

Foam Systems

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Fixed System Foam systems suppress the fire by separating the fuel from the air (oxygen). The Foam creates a blanket over the fuel surface thus smothering and suppressing the fire. The water content of the foam cools the fuel. The foam blanket suppresses the release of flammable vapors that can mix with air.


Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

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The suppression system connects to both the hood over your cooking range and covers the cooking appliances.

If the fire suppression system is tripped, the gas supply automatically shuts off. This kills the fuel source of the fire.

The suppressant is a water based chemical with a special compound designed to combat grease fires.


Fire Protection Systems from SolarFire Systems

Whether you need a modifaction to an existing Water Mist System, gaseous fire suppression system or an aspiration smoke detection system installed at your commercial property, SolarFire Systems has you covered. We are known for our excellent customer service, our expertise, and our reliability.

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