What is a Room Integrity Test?

Room Integrity Test / Door Fan Test

A room integrity test or door fan test as it is sometimes called predicts how long a fire suppressant gas takes to descend to a given height within a room, without having to discharge the actual fire suppression system.

Over time room integrity characteristics can change, with holes and leaks developing due to weakening seals around doors, floors, ceilings and other voids and on-site building works.

The room that is to be integrity tested is sealed and the air pressure tested with a door fan and sensing equipment. The fan is placed within the test room doorway to pressurise and then depressurise the room.

Room data is created including measurements for air flow, pressure and leakage characteristics and is used to model the room using specialist software and is saved on the engineers laptop.

A retention time of at least 10 minutes is required for a pass.

This time period is considered enough to allow deep-seated fires to be cooled beyond re-ignition levels and allow the emergency services to attend site.

How long does a Room Integrity Test Take?

A typical data hall takes around 1.5-2 hours to complete. Server rooms and comms rooms take less time.

There is minimal disruption and IT servers / racks and networks can continue to function as normal. If there is air conditioning and cooling fitted, any supply or extract ducts will require temporary sealing or closure.

Where a site has fire suppression system covering several rooms, each room will require integrity testing.

Several rooms can be tested on one day.

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