What is FK 5-1-12 and how can you use it in your Data Centre?

What is FK 5-1-12?

FK-5-1-12 is an environmentally sustainable clean synthetic extinguishing agent that has undergone considerable testing to determine its fire performance characteristics as a clean extinguishing agent.

How does FK 5-1-12 work?

FK 5-1-12 extinguishes a fire before it starts by rapidly removing heat. In a typical total flooding system, the fluid is stored as a liquid in cylinders pressurised with nitrogen. Automatic detection actuates release when the fire is at the incipient stage, extinguishing it in under 10 seconds.

Applications for FK 5-1-12?

FK-5-1-12 is a total flood fire extinguishing system designed to protect Class A, B and Electrical fires for normally occupied spaces.

How Safe is FK 5-1-12 synthetic extinguishing agent?

Safe for use in occupied space.

Electrically non-conductive.


Where space is a premium, FK 5-1-12 uses significantly less cylinders than compared to an Inert Gas Suppression System.

FK-5-1-12 is not subject to F-Gas regulation.

ODP : Zero – GWP : <1

FK 5-1-12 has zero Ozone Depletion Potential making it a replacement for other chemical agents used in Fire suppression like HFC227ea.

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