What is FM-200™?

FM-200™ fire suppression gas is also known as HFC-227ea. FM-200™ is a waterless clean agent fire suppression gas installed within cylinder, it is discharged into the protected area and in under 10 seconds it will extinguish the fire.

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FM-200™ fire suppression gas which has emerged as the most viable alternative to Halon 1301 on the basis of extensive trials. FM-200™ is fast and effective with a low space/weight characteristic which is also environmentally-acceptable and safe for human exposure.

Halon fire extinguishants were regarded for many years as the most effective fire suppressants for a wide range of applications. Amendments to the Montreal Protocol of 1987 focused on the manufacture of Halons, however, and their production has now ceased in recognition of their virulent destruction of the ozone layer. In addition, European legislation required Halon systems within the EU to have been decommissioned by the end of 2003.

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How does FM-200™ work?

FM-200™ suppresses fire by disrupting the fire tetrahedron. The fire tetrahedron is made up of heat, oxygen, and a fuel source, and by removing one of these elements, the fire is extinguished. FM-200™ removes the heat or free radicals, which interferes with the fire tetrahedrons chemical reaction to extinguish the fire.

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FM-200™ Advantages:

FM-200™ Disadvantages:

What is the difference between FM-200™ and Novec 1230?

FM-200™ and 3M™ Novec1230 systems are similar in that they are both safe to use in occupied spaces, do not damage sensitive equipment, and because they both leave no residue, there is no clean up required.

While both FM-200™ and 3M™ Novec1230 are fast-acting, clean agent fire suppression systems, they differ slightly. 3M™ Novec1230 chemical compound is a fluoroketone and is stored as a liquid and discharges as a gas.

Novec 1230 systems require larger or more cylinders than an FM-200™ system, based on the volume you are protecting.

Both FM-200™ and 3M™ Novec1230 cause no ozone depletion and are considered environmentally friendly; however, Novec 1230 does have a lower GWP (1) and a short atmospheric lifetime (3- 5 days).

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