What is the best fire suppression system for my comms or server room?

Your comms room or server room is a vital part of your business function. You have invested in the right vendor for your UPS, racks, servers and air conditioning, what about your fire suppression?

Fire Suppression systems or clean agent systems as they are sometimes referred to are designed to quickly alert you to a fire and extinguish that fire safely even when there is no one on the premises.

What are your options?

We have listed below the most common fire suppression systems we install in the UK & Europe to protect server and comms rooms.

Www solarfiresystems com Sapphire Novec 1230 gas

Synthetic Gas Extinguishing Systems

Synthetic gas systems quickly extinguish the fire once activated; they are designed to extinguish the fire in under 10 seconds.

In the 1960's Halon gas was developed and for many years Halon 1301 was the clean agent of choice for fixed extinguishing systems. Halon is anorganic halide which is very damaging to our environment, it is a global warming gas and is one of the family gasses known as halocarbons.

Halon’s were superseded by HFC gases FM-200® (HFC-227EA) and HFC 125 (Ecaro®-25). For many years these gasses were used within the IT industry to extinguish fires in the server room.

In the early 1990’s 3M™ developed Novec™ 1230 FK-5-1-12 (Sapphire®), an environmentally friendly alternative to ozone-depleting FM-200® & Ecaro®-25.

3M™ Novec™ 1230 is not an HFC gas, it is a fluoroketone. It is not subject to the HFC phasedown under the F-Gas Regulation in Europe or any global regulatory body, including the Montreal Protocol.

It is stored as a liquid within the cylinder pressurised by nitrogen and discharged as a gas.

There is a large range of cylinder sizes for storing 3M™ Novec™ 1230, whatever size of IT Comms room you have there will be a 3M™ Novec™ 1230 solution suitable for you.

System Features

Www solarfiresystems com Inert gas extinguishing

Inert Gas Extinguishing Systems

Inert gas fire systems once activated lower the oxygen level in the room to a point where the fire is extinguished but is safe for you and your employees.

Commonly used inert gasses for server or comms rooms are IG-55 (Argonite®). IG-55 is an inert gas blend of argon and nitrogen, which occur naturally in the environment. With zero ozone depletion potential ODP, zero Global warming potential GWP and zero atmospheric lifetime, it has excellent environmental properties. A typical design concentration of 40% will reduce the oxygen level to 12.5% within 60 seconds.

Another gas is IG-541 (Inergen®). IG-541 is a mixture of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% CO2. However, in the event of a fire, when IG-541 is discharged, it mixes with the air present in the room to create a mixture that comprises of 67.3% Nitrogen, 12.5% Oxygen, 17% Argon and 3.2% Carbon Dioxide. As with IG-55, the mixture of gasses will reduce the oxygen levels down and extinguish the fire and will be safe for people within the room.

System Features


Whichever gas extinguishing system you choose to protect your business, be it IG-55, IG-541 or 3M™ Novec™ 1230, we have experience of installing all these systems in a variety of both new build server rooms and existing live comms rooms.

For more details on gas suppression systems, or to discuss your individual fire suppression solutions, simply contact our experienced team today.

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