Jactone Launch New PAFSS Indirect Fire Suppression Systems

Protect large enclosures above 2M³ with a PAFSS Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) automatic fire suppression system

Enclosures can be found, often in multiple numbers, in more or less every workplace, factory, warehouse or general commercial site. These enclosures, including those for electrical equipment, distribution, control, communication, servers and CNC machines can be subject to increased risk of fire.

Fires in such enclosures can be difficult to identify, often until it is too late to take action, especially in well-sealed enclosures where there would be limited escape of combustion products or heat.

Jactone PAFSS Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) fixed fire suppression systems provide protection inside the enclosure and discharge at the heart of the fire, suppressing quickly and preventing the fire from spreading to neighbouring enclosures, equipment and the wider building. This can significantly reduce the risk of injury to personnel and losses caused by equipment downtime and operational disruption.

PAFSS ILP systems are automatic pre-engineered fire suppression systems that use much of the same technology and performance characteristics as our certified Direct Low Pressure (DLP) fire suppression systems that comply with LPCB standard LPS 1666. A DLP system is ideal for smaller enclosures less than 2m³ in volume.

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PAFSS fire suppression systems are self-activating and require no external power for detection or operation making them ideal for unmanned or unsupervised applications. PAFSS ILP systems protect large enclosures above 2m³ and up to 12m³ in volume, making them ideal for the protection of large electrical cabinets and CNC machines.

PAFSS Jactone www solarfiresystems com fire suppression novec 1230 2


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