Server Room Water Leak Detection Systems

What is a water leak detection system and why do you need one?

Comms Rooms, Server Rooms & Data Centres are equipped with many costly servers and other sensitive equipment. Fire Suppression & Detection systems are common but what about protecting your valuble assets from water leaks?

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In a server room many water leak prone areas develop during the installation of air conditioning equipment. For example, installation of a water cooled air conditioner requires water supply and drainage pipe. Any leakage from these pipe can be disastrous for a data centre.

There will be always be a threat of water leaking from external walls and any plant or installed above the room. Hence there should be automatic water leak detection system system which can detect a water leak at an early stage and will inform staff immediately.

Hydosense Water Leak Detection

The most sophisticated configurable water leak detection system on the market to protect your assets from the greatest threat to buildings and managed systems; Water is the Hydrosense Water Leak Detection System.

Hydrosense systems deliver a new standard in Water Leak Detection. Unlike other systems, Hydrosense is fully customisable and configurable allowing connection to Building Management Systems (BMS) and a wealth of other vital supporting systems. Hydrosense continuously monitors for water leaks, protecting your company's building and assets year in, year out.


Fire Protection Systems from SolarFire Systems

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